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Gold Standard (Bespoke) Log Cabin

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Log Cabin Bridget

6000mm x 4000mm
Product Overview

Log Cabin Wall Thickness
Wall Thickness
Log Cabin Width
Cabin Width
Log Cabin Length
Cabin Length
Log Cabin Footprint
Log Cabin Height
Cabin Height
Coming Soon
Log Cabin Glazing
Double Glazing

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Log Cabin

This log cabin is part of our standard range and it would be great in any garden or area of land regardless of shape or size. This log cabin would be perfect as a second living area, utility room, study room, guest bedroom, garden office, cinema room, hobby room, play room, shop or sauna room.

This log cabin offers a lot of space and it could be used for many different purposes, let’s have a look at some ideas.


Garden Office

This log cabin would be perfect as a garden office. Many small businesses are choosing to own their garden office as it will save them money in the long run as they do not squander their money on rent and you don’t have to commute to work. We have arranged this log cabin to look like a garden office and as you can see from the picture above there is more than enough room.

Second Living Room

This log cabin would also make a great second living room, there is more than enough room for a TV, sofa, armchairs and coffee you could even add a fridge a kettle for your convenience.

Hobby room

Alternatively, this log cabin would make a great hobby room, for hobbies such as painting, practicing a musical instrument, listening to music or watching TV or films.


Windows and Doors

This log cabin has three sets of double windows and a set of double doors all of which are double glazed. The windows are tilt and turn which are easy to open and close and the locking system of both the windows and doors are to EU standard. One of the main features of this log cabin is the use of glass, notice the size of the windows and the use of glass on the doors, this is to allow as much natural light into the log cabin.


All of our products at Beaver Log Cabins NI can be customized to fit our customer’s needs. You may want to move a window to another area of the land, add an extra window or have a single door rather than a single door. At Beaver Log Cabins NI we will try to accommodate all requests and you can even work with our design time to design your own cabin.



We at Beaver Log Cabins NI give you the customer the choice of how you would like your log cabin to be insulated. This particular log cabin is built using with a 70mm log which is great for year round use. However, if you would like to further insulate your log cabin that too can be achieved via Twin Skin. We will of course recommend which log you should use to insulate your log cabin depending on the purpose of the log cabin. We use Siberian Larch Timber on all of our products because of its heat retaining qualities and it is also strong and robust.

You can also have the floor and the roof of the log cabin insulated for further warmth and comfort.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this log cabin or any of our products please do not hesitate to contact us via email or telephone.


Additional Information

SKU 2119
Wall Thickness 70mm
Cabin Width 6000mm
Cabin Length 4000mm
Footprint 24.0m2
Cabin Height Coming Soon
Glass Double Glazing


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