Two local businesses have forged a cross border partnership to raise money for the Pink Ladies and the Salvation Army this Christmas.


The Secret Spa   in Co Derry is promoting a Tree of Hope charity drive supported by Beaver Log Cabins in Co Donegal, with both businesses promising to match every pound donated by members of the public.

Log cabins in Derry Spa charity event for Christmas



In a post Brexit show of cross-border camaraderie, the local business are hoping to appeal to the kind hearted people of the North West to support their chosen worthy causes.


The 14 feet-high Christmas tree, provided by Beaver Log Cabins, is located at the idyllic Sperrin view location of The Secret Spa - the home of glamourous glamping - at Kildoag Road in Ardmore. 


Glynis Miller, owner of the The Secret Spa, is inviting members of the public and her therapy and glamping guests to donate one pound and tie a ribbon of remembrance on the tree to recall lost loved ones.


“The Secret Spa and Beaver Log Cabins have agreed to match each pound donated at the Tree of Hope – so that every ribbon tied will provide £3 for the chosen charities.


“The charity drive idea grew out a tradition of placing yellow ribbons on a holly bush we have at the spa. I thought it would be a nice idea to erect a large Christmas tree this year as a special place where people can come to remember someone special. We’re welcoming everyone to call in to make a donation and the money raised will be trebled and then donated to the local Salvation Army service and the Pink Ladies cancer support group,” she said.


Trevor Watson, of Beaver Log Cabins, said he was delighted to support such worthy causes.


“Christmas is a time of giving and we at Beaver believe it is important to give something back in the spirit of the season.


“In these post Brexit times, we feel it is important to show cross-border solidarity between businesses to help support what are very worthy local causes which are very close to the hearts of many people in the North West.”