From garden getaways to schoolhouses and offices to therapy suites, Beaver Log Cabins is catering for all manner of requests for bespoke log cabins all over the island of Ireland.

log cabin in derry

 Beaver Log Cabins also has the largest range of outdoor living products available on the island and customers from Donegal to Kerry and Galway to Down have been raving about the quality of product and service provided.

Director Trevor Watson, who is based at Beaver’s impressive Donegal show site in Bridgend, says more and more people are realising the massive cost savings that can be made by choosing high quality log cabin structures over bricks and mortar.

 “Log cabin fever really has gripped the island of Ireland as more and more people become aware of the high quality products available for a fraction of the cost of conventional Irish buildings.

“More people are also realising that log cabins can be much more than luxurious outdoor getaways. From families seeking extra living space to home owners in need of more storage and school boards of governors seeking bigger classrooms to business people in need of office units we have daily enquiries about all types of use.

“In Northern Ireland, we have just completed the first ever log cabin schoolhouse to be granted full planning approval and building control in the UK while we’re currently helping schools south of the border to explore similar projects. Offices and therapy suites are also becoming particularly popular,” Trevor said.

He added: “At Beaver we walk our customers through the entire process to ensure they get the cabin which best suits their needs and their pockets. Our Gold range involves the careful design of bespoke log cabins which are constructed and finished to the highest standards. Once we’ve established our customers’ needs and their budgets, we go about the business of creating the perfect log cabins to suit.

“We pride ourselves on being able accommodate our customers at a cost that meets their budget. We have recently introduced our massive new Bronze range of log cabins you can build yourself. This exciting new range of self-build products provides unmatched value for money and ensures that everyone can enjoy log cabin luxury on a tighter budget.

“Our Bronze range includes the finest quality self-build garden timber products. From summer houses, garden furniture, office cabins and play frames to gazebos, sheds, decking and fencing - if you need it outdoors, we’ve got it in store.”



Terry Mr McMaster, of Drumahoe Primary School, Co Derry said: “As a Board of Governors we looked at the possibilities available within our budget. We were very happy with the quality of smaller projects carried out by Beaver Log Cabins. We sought advice from the Education Authority and they were happy as long as we could achieve approval from the Planning Service and Building Control authorities. We did and here we are.

“Building control personnel said it was the first time they had come across a project like it on this scale. They were very impressed when they saw the finished article,”


Marie Browne, Foyle Women’s Aid, Derry, said:

“We have a beautiful log cabin expertly built to the highest specifications and play equipment where children can have fun safely. I have to say that the standards of the workmanship and the discretion of the Beaver Log Cabins build team were very impressive.”


David Canny, D Canny Garage, Cork City

“I’m 110% happy with my log cabin in regard to quality and build.

“We’d be happy to recommend the product – it’s up now nearly a year and it’s holding strong, so onwards and upwards for our new sales office.”


Jackie, Castleisland, Kerry

“Beaver Log Cabins NI gave this project their undivided attention. I was extremely impressed by the standard of work including the smallest of details. I would highly recommend this company if you are looking for log cabins and give their team top marks. Delighted with my new timber home.”


Chris Cunningham, Co Mayo

“It’s like a new annex to the house. I have five teenaged daughters and it makes a great study room for the older girls. I’ve put a TV and couch in and it’s a great place for the girls to go - they call it the ‘chill zone’.”


Dave Scott, Co Derry

“It is a good job for a proper man cave. I’d highly recommend Beaver Log Cabins as I’ve got a great product. I’ve made it into a bar and a workshop. I’ve put in a log-burning stove and it’s very easy to heat. It’s a great wee escape to work in and relax in. The build team was very professional. They were a good group of boys who worked like they had years of experience – there were no dramas at all in the build.”