Beaver is currently constructing a cabin measuring 15x8m to accommodate Richard’s dream indoor railway track. Railways have always been close to Richard’s heart and when he retired from a career in the oil industry he knew right away which hobby to pursue - all he needed was the space and he it had to be indoors.

“Since I retired I wanted to have big open space where I could run the railway. I’ve been planning it for years but it wasn’t until I found Trevor [Watson, Director] and Beaver Log Cabins that I was convinced it could be done in a log cabin. “I had spoken to quite a few others before but the quality of the stuff that Trevor does meant Beaver was the only company that would do the job.” And it’s a big job for a very large model railway.

“There’s 250m of track and 30 to 40 carriages – I’ve got a dozen different passenger trains and even more freight. Two thirds of the locos are European style and one third is American style to provide some variation,” Richard says. “The carriages are a two to three-feet long and around four inches high. It’s all electrics - like everything is these days - and digitally controlled through the computer. It’s quite technologically advanced as I can have six locos running on the track at the same time because all the signals are wired up and run from a special programme on the computer.

“I used to run a smaller part of the railway outside on the patio but there was not enough room and given the weather around here I decided it’s better to run it inside.”