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Futuristic Sira Radiators from Beaver Log Cabins

Beaver Log Cabins Ireland are pleased to present a fantastic technological breakthrough in Central Heating. Onice Radiators from the Sira Group.

These are not the usual run of the mill electric radiators because they function without any internal oils or fluids.
 Electric radiators offer a valid and economical alternative to traditional radiators, not only in cases where there are incentives to using this type of energy but also in other situations: in second homes as well as in buildings where heating systems had not been previously installed or heating strength must be increased. Electric radiators offer an economical and fast solution.

You can take advantage of this electronic breakthrough from Beaver Log Cabins Ireland who are committed to help you maximise the level of efficiency to heat your home and to make it far more cost effective than ever before.

Other Great Benefits;

  • No leaky radiators to worry about.
  • No water pump to breakdown
  • No noise
  • No Boiler to breakdown
  • No excessive pressure
  • Even distribution of heat in each radiator
  • Lightweight Aluminium makes it easy to move and install
  • Safer for Children

Who makes Onice?

Onice is made in Italy with an exclusive technology, patented throughout the world by the SIRA GROUP.

How does it work?

The technical process of the system operates by the insertion of a special electrical resistance in armoured steel, one for each radiator element, directly in the mould.  High pressure aluminium die casting shapes the radiator around the electrical resistance, Thus becoming the nucleus and an integral part of the radiator. As a consequence, its different from all other electric radiators, functioning without internal oils or fluids.

This provides a series of perogatives and advantages. First, a level of absolute safety with no time limit in that with no liquids,
there are no risks of leakage, noise or excess pressure in the radiator. Alongside this, Onice automatically adjusts the quantity of the electrical resistance to activate according to the amount of heat that is called upon, thereby optimising the energy resources and leading to consistently reduced consumption, up to 20% less than the competition.

Furthermore, heat is distributed uniformly in every part of the radiator and is therefore very advantageous from the point of view of safety, especially for children who may come into contact with the radiator. The product, entirely in aluminium, allows for easy transport and installation,  even on non - load bearing walls.

Easy Installation

Sira Radiators can be installed in a very short time: it is sufficient to fix two handles as specified in the instructions, use non-vibrating wall plugs and simply
mount the radiator using a light pressure. A light “click” signals that the radiator has been mounted perfectly, solidly and correctly.

Recommended distributor

Beaver Log Cabins Ireland are proud to be the main distributors in the Country for this superb heating system. Please contact our friendly Technical Staff for any further information.

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