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Beaver Log Cabins NI, the single best place for all your needs of log cabins needs. Beaver Log Cabins NI’s main objective is to satisfy its customers need in the best possible way. For us at Beaver Log Cabins NI we believe that nothing else is more important than customer satisfaction while buying top quality log cabin products at the best price.

At Beaver Log Cabins NI our customers are our main assets and therefore we care for each and every minor problem that you our customer may have. Our customer care executives are always ready to assist you in the best possible ways, our design team are always willing up help design your dream log cabin, our technician team is always ready to help you in any way they can.

For any sales related queries that you may have please email us at sales@beaverlogcabins.ie and for any other types of problems i.e. prices, queries, quotes, or any questions of your choice, you can directly get in touch with us via telephone on  074-9368972 (Donegal) 066- 7119936 (Kerry) or 019-022624 and 028-71277127 from Northern Ireland.

Our team at Beaver Log Cabins NI are always happy and willing to help no matter how big or small the problem. We will also advise and instruct you on how to maintain and preserve your log cabin to ensure that is lasts a life time.

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