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Log Cabin Wooden Garages/Stables

Beaver Log Cabins Ireland are pleased to supply both double and single Log Cabin Stables and garages. Excellent for all sorts of storage requirements plus, of course, an excellent facility if you happen to be an Equestrian.

Log Cabin Garages have never been the same!

When considering purchasing a Garage, it is always prudent to see how it fits in with the overall environment. Besides the obvious practical solution of keeping your vehicle safe and well protected, one needs to think about the enhanced value that a good quality garage will contribute to the overall value of your property.

There are some substantial advantages when purchasing a Log Cabin Garage from Beaver Log Cabins NI.

Environmentally friendly

A Beaver Log Cabins NI Log Cabin Garage, being made of the best quality timber has a most aesthetically pleasing natural appearance that can be retained by protecting it with a transparent microporous paint. Conversely if you are bound to keep to certain colours ( as is the case sometimes with some local authorities) you can comply with any necessary regulations by painting the Garage with a matching colour.

Such protection from high quality protective coatings will last 3-5 years before the need of a mild top up to retain its former glory.

Besides its own environmentally pleasing look, the assembly process is a very clean and environmentally conscious method originating from state of the art computerised manufacturing processes.

Everything is pre-cut thus erasing any possibility of waste. No concrete dust or brick dust or cement being left behind. The whole experience is a joy to behold.

The design features of the Garages shown on this website are simply breath-taking. Garages with such thought put into the architectural appearance put Beaver Log Cabins NI Garages at a different level entirely. Here you will see that your investment will readily pay off as once your garage has been erected the value of your property will increase accordingly.


If you opt for a concrete Garage or a Brick & Mortar Garage you need to appreciate that you will have more of a permanent fixture than you would with a Beaver Log Cabin Garage. As quickly as it is to assemble, a Beaver Log Cabin Garage is also easy to take down. If you are a growing family and you wish to move home, you could include your Log Cabin Garage as part of your move. This opens up a wider spectrum for those who are looking to move into an area with reasonable accommodation with a patch of land around the property but lacks a Garage. Such houses are cheaper than those with Garages and one can then opt for better accommodation or make life a bit easier on the budget.

Furthermore if you really like your Garage and you are going to move, why change it? Just take it with you.


By nature of the raw material being wood, Beaver Log Cabin Garages contain their own level of natural insulation.

 A 70mm thick walled Garage with double glazed units will have the same all year round insulation qualities as would be expected in a residential home. Your vehicle will be kept dry and the Garage temperature will be less likely to drop so significantly during the winter than when compared with a concrete or bricks & mortar Garage.

Because wood is a good insulator you will be less inclined to experience any condensation in the garage. When you look at Concrete Garages you will find that at the roof level of many garages there are installed anti-condensation devices to minimise this problem.

None of this is required when it comes to purchasing a Beaver Log Cabin Garage.

Value for money

 Like for like, our Beaver Log Cabin Garages, compared with equivalent concrete or bricks & mortar garages, are much lower in cost. Low cost and high-perceived value with top quality products and service is our standard remit with many happy customers that continue to come back to us and recommend us to others. The Beaver Log Cabin NI range of cabins actually increase in value over years as opposed to the peaks and troughs of brick built garages and homes. More and more people are actually opting for log cabin garages, garden cabins and residential homes and the overall UK market is growing quite healthily. As demand increases then it is not inconceivable for prices to rise. It is therefore wise to make your commitment at the earliest convenience to avoid having to pay more as time goes by.

Safety & Security

The Beaver Log Cabin NI Garage Range comprises of good solid stable buildings. Double glazed windows are less inclined to be broken into than single glazed. The doors are nice and solid and very secure. Good quality top grade door & window furniture, where applicable, is also included for that extra peace of mind.

Feast your eyes on these spectacular Beaver Log Cabins log cabin garages and do get in touch with our experienced team who is at the ready to answer any queries you may have.

Timber Stables: Beaver Log Cabins Ireland are pleased to supply both double and single Log Cabin Stables. Excellent for all sorts of storage requirements plus, of course, an excellent facility if you happen to be an Equestrian
High Quality Timber: Made of high quality seasoned slow grown 44mm thick pine for the outer walls with added ventilation, both the 3.6mt x 3.6mt and the 7.5mt x 3.6mt are excellent value.
Timber Stable Experts: For any further information on these quality built horse stables, please contact any of our Technical Sales Staff or to arrange a viewing.

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