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Glulam Doors & Windows


Glulam / Premium Doors and Windows are only available on our Gold Range.

Glulam / Premium are available NOT available on our Bronze Range. If you are unsure please call us on: 074-9368972.


Type: windows 68 for residential and commercial areas.

Test reports No. 070 SŠF /07NV, 070 SŠF /07OS, 070 SŠF /07AVA, 097 SŠF /11U, 070 SŠF /07A, 071 SŠF /07P, 070 SŠF /07SLV, 070 SŠF /07SLS of Laboratory of Construction Thermal Physics of the Institute of Architecture and Construction of Kaunas University of Technology, laboratory notification number: 2018

LST EN 14351-1:2006 + A1: 2010

Wind load resistance – relative deflection: Class C (LST EN 12211)
Water tightness (A): Class 6A (LST EN 1027)
Acoustic performance: 34 (-1;-4) (LST EN ISO 717-1)
Thermal transmittance: 1.4 (double 4-16-4PU, when 1, 23mx1, 48m, LST EN ISO 12567-1) Air permeability: Class 4 (LST EN 1026)
Resistance to repeated opening and closing: Class 1(LST EN 12400)
Flammability: NPD
External fire effect: NPD
Load bearing capacity of safety devices: NPD
Snow load resistance: NPD
Solar radiation performance - solar factor: NPD
Solar radiation performance - visible light transmittance: NPD
Shock resistance: NPD
NPD- no performance determined


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