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Bronze Standard Log Cabin

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Product Overview

Log Cabin Wall Thickness
Wall Thickness
Log Cabin Width
Cabin Width
Log Cabin Length
Cabin Length
Log Cabin Height
Cabin Height
Approx. 245cm


Additional Information

SKU 40.05751
Wall Thickness 28mm
Wood Type Spruce, Untreated
Cabin Width 300cm
Cabin Length 240cm
Foundation Size 280x220cm
Cabin Height Approx. 245cm
Door height, Incl. frame Approx. 195cm
Glass Single Glazed
Roof Covering Felt and Shingles
Fitting Kit Included

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Log Cabin 1 Year Guarantee

2-8 Week Delivery

Short Description

All of our ‘Bronze Range’ log cabins at Beaver Log Cabins NI are manufactured from the highest quality Spruce timber sourced in Northern Russia and Finland.

All of our timber is kiln dried which ensures that the moisture content is below 18% when the log leaves the mill.

All of our timber grades from 1-3, which meets EU standards and we never use timber grade 4 or above.

All ‘Bronze Range’ supply only log cabins are covered by a 12 month guarantee. Beaver Log Cabins NI terms and conditions apply.

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