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Ireland's Leading Bespoke Log Cabin Company

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Beaver Log Cabins Ireland - Largest stockists of cabins  

Beaver Log Cabins offer the full service including landscape, foundation, build, installation and painting .

Beaver Log Cabins Ireland - Largest stockists of cabins

Log Cabin Pub Fitted Out in at our showsite 


Log Cabin Pub Fitted Out in Ireland

Log Cabin Fitted out as an office 

Log Cabin Fitted out as an office from Beaver Log Cabins .


Log Cabin for Drumahoe Primary School 

Drumahoe Primary School is celebrating a Northern Ireland first with the opening of a trend-setting log cabin schoolhouse.

Drumahoe PS teamed up with local company Beaver Log Cabins to design and develop the “prototype school building. Read more: http://www.derryjournal.com/news/drumahoe-ps-unveils-log-cabin-schoolhouse-1-7323727#ixzz4D9MUCb



Beaver Log Cabin- Clockhouse Log Cabin Build in Limerick from Beaver Log Cabins .


Gortahork Log Cabin - Beaver Log Cabins 

Interior of a beautiful log house cabin from beaver log cabins.


Log Cabin Salon Gortahork Project - Beaver Log Cabins from Beaver Log Cabins on Vimeo.

Custom Log Cabins Video - How to build

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