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The Look Out Tower

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Lookout Tower Product Details

Beaver Log Cabins children’s outdoor play products.

The Kids Look Out Tower is multi-functional and great fun for children of all ages and comes in two size variations 1.2m and 1.5m

The Look Out Tower will spark your child’s imagination and they will be whisked away to faraway lands on the search for treasure on a voyage of discovery.

The Look Out Tower also come with a sandbox to bury the treasure, build sandcastles or relax on their very own treasure island.

The Look Out Tower has a ladder for a challenging entry and an extra opening for additional attachments.

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Beaver Lookout Tower

Functions include

Swing sets - €275

No playground / play area is complete without a swing and this can be easily added to the Play house.

The swing is made with the strongest metal brackets available, added to the advanced materials used to construct the swing, makes it secure and durable. The swing comes in two sizes 1.5 m and 1.2m, both of which are easily connected to the Watch Tower.

The Look Out Tower Swing

Kids Climbing Wall - €115

A great and fun way to challenge your children! Also, it may help with their growth and development as well as hand and eye co-ordination skills.

The climbing wall leads into the entrance of the Playhouse where your child will feel like King or Queen of the castle.

The wall is also equipped with colourful and bright climbing stones, that come in different shapes and sizes for that extra challenge!

The wall itself also comes in two sizes 1.2m and 1.5m which are easily connected to the Look Out Tower.

Kids Climbing Wall

Platform - €165

The perfect addition for younger children. At only 60 cm high and a slide is available as an accessory, it is a great way for younger children to join in the fun. It can easily be attached to the right or the left hand side of the Look Out Watch Tower to maximise the play area.

Ramp - €139

The challenge ramp offers an alternative and fun way to enter the Playhouse by climbing a rope.

The strong rope allows the child to pull himself / herself up the ramp. It is also equipped with extra footholds to help the child make it to the top.

The ramp comes in two sizes 1.2 m and 1.5 and it is easily connected to the Look Out Tower.

Entrance Net - €185

A fun way to enter the Look Out Tower.  Your child will think that he or she is a ninja or pirate!

Made with strong fabricated rope and durable wooden rungs it offers an alternative and exciting way to enter the Look Out Tower.

The net comes in two sizes 1.2m and 1.5m and each have two wooden rungs that help with climbing.

Playhouse Bridge - €375

The bridge is used to connect towers complete the castle like structure.

Your child will have great fun and adventures going from Play house to the other, a great way to spark and encourage your child’s imagination. 

The bridge is securely connected to the two Play house using strong metal brackets, which are robust and sturdy. The safety of the bridge is guaranteed, as tested and approved by TUV Nord.

The bridge is 200cm by 60cm and it contains rope netting for extra safety.

Bridge Module


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