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Visit Beaver Log Cabins Ireland, to see the largest collection in the country of Garden sheds, Garden Cabins, Sunrooms, Wooden Houses, Gazebos & insulated log cabins for sale. Find us at the Kerry & Donegal Show Sites.

Beaver Log Cabins Ireland – Quality Wooden Houses you can Trust!

We never sub contract to guarantee the best quality workmanship over any other log cabin company in Ireland to ensure you get a cabin that lasts for years without repair.

It is great time to buy a Log Cabin from the leading supplier of quality fitted cabins in Ireland.

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A warm welcome awaits you on this website for a spectacular range of finely honed and milled high quality solid , well seasoned pine that interlock to form extremely durable stylish Garden Log Cabins that will completely transform your garden.

With this sophisticated interlocking process, beaverlogcabins.ie are renowned for Summer Houses, Garden Offices, Store Rooms, Sauna Rooms, Drying Rooms, Gazebos, Libraries, Classrooms, Sunrooms,Tackle Shops, Reception areas, Garages, Stables, Residential Log Cabins,custom made buildings and much more.

We have a product to satisfy your need, whether you wish to select one of our standard high quality product suites or design your own custom built unit.

Main Suppliers for Quality Log Cabins

During our 12 years of doing business we have built up a product knowledge and range that includes solutions for Outdoor Offices, Workshops, Treatment Rooms, Kids Play Areas, Holiday Homes, Car Garages etc. Also “value for money”, without compromising on quality is a key element of our product range as well as our design, delivery, installation and accessorising services.

Beaver Log Cabins Ireland have carefully sourced every possible avenue of Log Cabin manufacture and, as such, are probably one of the most knowledgeable distributors in Ireland and the UK

Today there is a wider choice of virtually everything that is heavily marketed to the potential Customer who, in the construction industry, can be easily swayed into purchasing something that looks good but ends up being a disaster.


Beaver Log cabins Ireland & garden sheds Ireland cover both the Republic and Northern Ireland for sales and installation of all products on this website. Specifically for Northern Ireland as our Donegal office caters for all enquiries from the northern counties.

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We are not just an on-line service in that we have two show sites (the largest in Ireland) located in Kerry & Donegal where our range of products are on display and our technical sales teams are based.

The Beaver technical sales teams are knowledgeable in all aspects of cabin construction such as Base Type, Wall thicknesses, Log Constructions, Roof, Windows, Doors, Wood Treatments, Accessory range (stoves / lighting / electrics), Maintenance and will guide you in product selection that best suits your needs.

What all our customers appreciate when they buy one of our products is that from factory floor to delivery day, right through to the fit-out we strive to ensure excellence of product, service and workmanship.

More than just Competitive Pricing

Beaver Log Cabins Ireland are fully aware that price has to be a consideration and the end product needs to be affordable. With the strong negotiating power that exists to provide long term work for the manufacturing industry, such magnificent Garden Log Cabins, Garden Offices and Summerhouses can still be purchased at extremely competitive prices without any compromise when it comes to quality.

We are proud to be associated with some of the most precision minded manufacturers in the world who base themselves in the Baltics where the finest quality Pine and Siberian Larch can be obtained from select certified sustainable forests that meet the Log Cabin Manufacturers Association’s criteria.

New designs like the “Clockhouse” are already sweeping the Country and Beaver Log Cabins Ireland lead the way with this exquisite range of Garden Log Cabins.

When you purchase a genuine Beaver Log Cabins Ireland Garden Cabin, Summerhouse or Garden Office you will be pleased to note that the flooring is made up of tongue and groove pinewood which is 28mm thick. Such thicker flooring makes for a more stable and rigid building. Heavier items can be safely stored with confidence. Children can happily jump up and down without fear of crashing through the floorboards.

What all our customers appreciate when they buy one of our products is that from factory floor to delivery day, right through to the fit-out we strive to ensure excellence of product, service and workmanship.

Commercially Beaver Log Cabins Ireland supply Garages, Stables, Classrooms, Libraries, Day Nurseries, Playrooms, Sauna Rooms, Gazebos, Park Homes and Residential Log Cabins and even Hotels, all from state of the art precision milling machinery with interlocking seasoned solid pine.


In cases where our off the shelf product range do not meet with the customer requirements we offer a custom design service to make full use of available space and incorporate all required details into a final bespoke design.

Questions to consider when choosing your cabin

With the wide range of Garden Log Cabins to choose from you need to consider what you want from your Garden Log Cabin. Take the Garden Office, for example:

You need to be comfortable in your working environment.
You need to be sure that your computer and other valuable items are safe and secure.
You need to have something that is going to be economic during the winter period.
You need to think ahead regarding your expanding business.

With all these factors taken into consideration you would certainly be looking for:-


A cabin that provides maximum level of natural light.
A cabin that is positioned correctly to ensure that it happens.
A cabin that has good solid security for doors and windows.
A cabin that is properly insulated to keep your heating costs down.
A cabin that will give you years of service with room to expand.

It really is worth investing in a Garden Office from Beaver Log Cabins Ireland knowing that all of the above criteria will be met. Your investment becomes an expense against tax and should you wish to move home, your cabin will not lose value. Furthermore it could easily be dismantled if you wanted to take it with you.


It’s simple, we will deliver all our product range to anywhere in the Republic or Northern Ireland and will make sure that your product arrives well packaged and in pristine condition.

Enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Wood is a natural, eco friendly material. It has been proved to be healthier living in a Log Cabin as opposed to bricks and mortar. The Pine softwood that is used to construct such buildings contains a Resin that has a positive effect upon the respiratory tract and lungs of people living in such homes.

The natural warm wood colour has a calming effect to the eye and subsequently influences the state of mind by having a soothing effect to the nervous system in people and creates friendly conditions for recreation. There is very little dust in log homes compared with internally plastered walls and bricks and mortar. Electrostatic properties of wood do not create static electric power. Static electricity does tend to attract dust that accumulates in various areas in the rooms. If you or any member of your family has any dust allergies then a Beaver Log Cabins Ireland Garden Log Cabin or Residential Log Cabin could improve the quality of your life.

Natural Heating benefits of a Beaver Log Cabin

Logs have a higher heat storage capacity than plasterboard. Wooden walls store warmth and gradually distribute it in all rooms. Natural wood is warmer to the touch than plasterboard and its surface temperature becomes similar to that of a room temperature. This adds to the comfort inside a house. That is why it will be warmer in a log home even in the biggest frost compared to brick houses Log homes warm up sooner and retain warmth longer than brick houses.

Because of these thermal properties, log homes are also cool in hot seasons and are therefore excellent solutions in hot climate regions.

Beaver Log Cabin Ireland provide instructions and plans to build your Log Cabin and the assembly becomes an engrossing and enjoyable project for any competent DIY enthusiast

Besides abiding by and applauding the strict regulations set by the EU Timber regulatory authorities, it is useful to know the difference of waste that is used when comparing a Brick and mortar building and a Log Cabin. We are taking into consideration a residential Log cabin compared with the same size property made of bricks and mortar.

A log cabin by virtue of its design has a number of features highly relevant to waste minimisation.

(1) The foundation loadings are less than 50% of a similar sized brick structure requiring 200% less soil excavation and disposal. This in turn requires only 20% of equivalent new materials to be supplied for such use.

(2) No cement or plaster is required for the building construction resulting in a fundamental change from a carbon dioxide footprint to carbon offset.

(3) Only wood from sustainable forests is used. The quality and design is such that no toxic preservatives are required to ensure a reasonable service life, as would be the case with locally sourced timber.

(4) The component parts of the building are precisely collated at the manufacturers in exact quantities to prevent over ordering.

(5) The design of the building uses industry standard dimensions for sheet materials.

(6) The design of the building uses advanced energy saving methods such as double and triple glazing and high levels of insulation and minimum air leakage suitable for zero carbon buildings when built in conjunction with suitable energy sources.

(7) The design lifecycle of the building is equivalent to and in many cases go beyond masonry buildings

(8) Negligible solid waste for landfill is produced during the construction.

(9) At the end of their lifecycle Log Cabins have a lower disposal requirement. Large parts of the building can be recycled either in other buildings or chipped and used for fuel/compost where appropriate.

Having now covered the general aspects and the features and benefits that are associated with Log Cabins, Summer Houses, Garden Offices, Residential Log Cabins and Park Homes, it is worth mentioning here the advantages associated with having a Log Cabin Garage as opposed to one made of Bricks and Mortar.

Log Cabin Garage

Before you consider the attributes of a brick built Garage, consider this;

Before going through the process of building a brick built garage you will need to put down a concrete base to take the weight of your vehicle as well as providing a level area to put the garage on.

With a brick built or concrete garage you may have to consider deeper foundations to dig to take the weight of the walls, whereas a timber garage can simply be erected on the cars concrete base, without the need for further foundations. This in itself becomes a very good cost saving example in favour of a Timber Garage even before it has been erected.

In terms of design and meeting local environmental criteria, a Beaver Log Cabin Ireland Log Cabin Garage is generally much more favourable to a concrete or brick built garage and would therefore be favoured by local authorities who do consider whether or not , or how obtrusive such a construction will be . Whilst both brick and concrete can be painted, they are both likely to need repainting a lot more often than wood. Good quality timber coating paints and protection will last for 5 years whereas with brick and concrete repainting can become an annual chore. Here again is an economical cost saving situation which needs to be considered once your garage has been built.

Labour costs are brought down to a minimum because once your concrete foundation is down you will find that the erection of a Log Cabin Garage is much faster than any concrete or brick built garage.

A BeaverLog Cabin Ireland Log Cabin Garage can also be used as a workshop or even an office. This is due to wood being an insulator thus providing a warmer inside in Winter. Power and lighting can easily be installed without the hassle of hammer drilling into concrete. Internally, you can just screw straight into the walls for any hooks etc. that you may require ! The protection of your vehicle is worthy of consideration. Concrete and brick built garages by nature can build up condensation and dampness which, in turn, may have a detrimental effect upon the vehicle, particularly if it needs to be stored for some time. Timber garages when protected with the recommended paints microscopically absorb air molecules that retain a good circulation of dry air internally whilst disallowing any moisture molecules from the outside elements.

Furthermore, if you decide to sell your home for some reason, a well maintained timber garage adds more value to the entire property.

The other alternative, of course, is that you can disassemble your Beaver Log Cabins Ireland Timber Garage and take it with you.

There are a number of different garages in the range, each one offering different particular benefits depending upon your requirements.

Sizes start from 3mts x 5mts where you have a choice of traditional Garage Doors with one or an up and over door with the other. Both have different designs and are equally popular.

Log Cabin Viewing Appointment



Now not forgetting the next generation, it’s not all about log cabins or garden sheds for sale as we also stock loads of outdoor kids garden play sets in the form climbing modules, frames, towers, slides, swings, monkey bars, climbing ropes etc, so for more details see our kids play area range.


Beaver Installation Team: Typical cabins take 1 to 2 days to install, and it is obliviously critical that Log cabins / Gazebos / Garden Sheds / Sunrooms are assembled with great care and attention to detail so finished product is weather proofed / secured properly. In order to fulfil these requirements our professional installation teams have been trained by the manufactures in the techniques of installing each individual unit to the highest standards. We will also offer advice on maintaining log cabins / garden sheds / Gazebos / Sunrooms so that you continue to reap the benefits long into the future.

DIY Installation - Build your own Garden Cabin: For the DIY enthusiast we will supply a projects system manual which outlines the site assessment guidelines, assembly detail, accessories, and after care maintenance requirements. Note we would advise if you plan to go this route that you have a least some woodworking knowledge and skills.

Read more on Installion of a Cabin....


Summer houses by nature are for fun and enjoyment and what better way to entertain than to do so in a Summer House that is different, unique and one that cannot be purchased at the local Garden Centre. If you would like to add a Sauna, a Jacuzzi, an extra room, whatever, we will be pleased to come up with a quotation for you. Sometimes you may have a specific budget to work to. By allowing us to have knowledge of that budget we may be able to create the Summer house of your dreams. You could then have a fully bespoke Summer House knowing that it is going to be one that you can readily afford.

Residential Log Cabin Range

The housing market today, in terms of bricks and mortar, makes it very difficult for both young people who would like to purchase their own home and, at the other end of the scale, the more mature retired people who really deserve to make good use of their money that is tied up in the equity of their existing property.

Many forward thinking people who really want to break the mould and change their lives for the better have decided to either self build or go to a reputable builder to erect a Residential Log Cabin.

Consider this. A brand new detached 2 Double Bedroom Residential Log Cabin Bungalow for under 40,000 Euros

If you have land available your first property as a young couple would be, in terms of quality, far beyond your expectations.

If you are a mature couple, either retired or considering retirement and looking to release as much equity as you can so that you can enjoy the rest of your lives in comfort and happiness, you would find that easy to do for a property under 40,000 Euros.

No compromise on quality. These Residential Log cabins are designed to last a lifetime and research shows that some have already lasted for over 300 years. Care in maintenance every 3 or 5 years and you will have a much more economically viable and eco friendly lifestyle. Here is a genuine opportunity to do what others have already done . To live the dream.

At Beaver Log Cabins Ireland you can be assured that even in the coldest of winters you will be snug and cosy in one of our residential Log Cabins.

When you consider the lifestyle of those in northern Scandinavia living in much colder conditions than we normally have in the UK. Their living accommodation is predominantly Log Cabins.

The warmth and natural insulation qualities of good solid thick logs of seasoned Pine coupled with top quality insulation between the outer and inner walls, not only retains the warmth from within, but also saves a tremendous amount of fuel costs, thus making for a very economic and comfortable way of life.

If you have your own land, then once you have the necessary planning permission we will be happy to work very closely with you right from the planning stage through to the final installation.

As a rough guide the lead time for delivery is generally 8 -10 weeks from receipt of your initial deposit. Delivery times will vary somewhat depending upon the complexity of your requirements.

This means that within the space of approximately 3 months you could have a brand new detached Log Cabin designed specifically for you at a fraction of the cost of a bricks and mortar property.

Another great benefit of living the dream in a beaverlogcabin.ie Residential Log cabin is that once you close your door and windows you will experience sheer peace, as hardly any outside sound will penetrate your home due to the extremely efficient double glazing and insulation properties of your property.

Electrics, plumbing, foundation and drainage are all extra but you can choose your own contractors to do this for you if you own your own land or, as mentioned before, you will receive a complete package price from your Park Home owner.


We can provide all the elements to complete your dream cabin, garden shed, gazebos or sunrooms from Solar Ventilation / Solar Lighting / Hot water Solar panels / Stoves / Kitchens / Bathrooms, just talk to our team for details.

Custom made Log Cabins

Beaver Log Cabins Ireland really do go the extra mile when it comes to bespoke or customised manufactured products for our clients.

To help you to understand a little more about how far we are prepared to go with our custom made range of products, we have provided you with some ideas from each element of our product range. If you really want to gain some inspiration for your own customised Log Cabin.

You will know doubt appreciate that Residential Log cabins come in all shapes and sizes. However to give you a ball park figure on price for Residential Log cabin “Shell” i.e. the Timber kit with the absence of anything else such as plumbing, electrics, building, connecting etc. your first requirement would be simply to come up with the size of your Residential Log Cabin in metres. Multiply the width by the Length and you will arrive at the number of square metres. This helps us enormously to calculate roughly the amount of timber required for manufacturing the kit. In addition the number of internal walls would need to be added.

For mobile residential log cabins the maximum allowed size for planning permission is 22.5ft( 6.858 mts.) x 65ft( 19.812 mts.). This is the largest twin unit either built in two halves along the length or built on site. With two sets of wheels on relevant chassis with supporting legs or tripods. The accommodation for this type of bespoke residential log cabin could include 4 bedrooms with one en suite.

At the other end of the spectrum you can comfortably live in a 2 bedroom residential log cabin 12ft wide(3.65 mts) x 30ft long( 9.144 mts). Fully fitted becomes a very affordable home to live in.

There are three different ways of satisfying your requirements when it comes to custom made residential log cabins.

1) A self build and just by the kit (shell) as mentioned above.
2) “The Halfway” method where we will supply deliver and build the “Shell” for you up to the point where you need to connect to your supplies for plumbing, electrics and sewage. We then complete the building once all connections are in place.
3) The complete package where we supply build and complete your residential log cabin to include all fixtures and fittings, electrics, plumbing and any other particular features that were originally discussed.

Depending upon which avenue you pursue will reflect upon the price you pay.

Other factors to consider are:-

The Outer Walls:
We can advise you of the types of wood available Larchwood Panels or Pine interlocking Logs. Logs are available in a variety of thicknesses unlike many of our competitors who just provide one thickness. It is always prudent to consider thicker log outer walls for larger cabins to ensure strength and stability. Once again Beaver Log Cabins Ireland can help you choose the correct thickness of log for the appropriate size of cabin.

The Insulation:
If you intend living in your residential log cabin throughout the Winter period you will definitely require insulation which is readily available to be fitted within the cavity of the outer and inner walls.

The Roof:
Your residential Log Cabin can look so different depending on the type of roof you have. Here are some examples of what is available.

1) Quality Felt: This weatherproof highly durable waterproof felt is easy to apply and makes for a very efficient and affordable roofing material. Such Felt today is also available in a few different colours to enhance the overall appearance of your residential log cabin.

2) Shingles: You can have a “Shingle effect” cut from Felt that adds a little more style to your roof coupled with the different colours.

Shingles are also available in bitumen form, again in different colours.

3) Roof tiles: Here you have a variety of different types from wood to metal again available in a wide range of colours.

The Windows and Doors:
At Beaver Log Cabins Ireland we can provide a wide range of customised windows and doors, manufactured to the sizes you require. The types and designs vary and we are happy to show you the different styles that are available for you to choose.

The varieties include left hand or right hand opening. Inward or outward opening. Tilt and turn etc. etc. If any of this leads to confusion then all you need to do is to contact us or one of our appointed dealers who will be only too pleased to assist you.Read more on windows and doors....

The Flooring:
Generally we manufacture the flooring in tongue and groove 28mm seasoned Pinewood. This proves to be one of the strongest and long lasting methods that also looks good. There are other options of course, to include MDF, Plywood, Chipboard etc. and again we are happy to make the best recommendations for you.

The Inner Walls:
If you want your walls painted, wallpapered, a dado rail, fully logged from floor to ceiling. half log half plasterboard. In summary, you can see that after taking each of the above elements you could end up having a very personalised Residential Log Cabin at a very affordable price.

Beaver Log Cabins Plans and 3D Drawings


Salon Frances

Beaver Log Cabins Salon

Frances Gallagher, has been a beauty therapist for over 20 years. She has had her own business, Salon Frances operating out of Gweedore, County Donegal for 11 years. She has recently made the decision to move her business from a dull rented office space to a luxurious Cabin Salon made by Beaver Log Cabins.

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