Delivery and Returns Policy



Beaver will arrange delivery of the product or goods at the earliest opportunity to you after order and payment. All delivery dates or lead times stated are approximate and indicative only and, whilst every reasonable effort will be made to adhere to dates and times provided, these are indicative only and are provided by Beaver in good faith for indication purposes only. Delivery times range from 4 – 10 weeks, depending upon the type of product ordered, supply chain and delivery issues. We cannot guarantee specific delivery dates or delivery times and cannot be held responsible for delays which are without our direct control, including (but not limited to) manufacturing problems and third party contracted companies.

Beaver shall not be responsible for any delays caused due to incorrect or incomplete information being submitted by you to us, any difficulties with access to the site and / or any other reason outside the control of Beaver and its delivery drivers.

Deliveries shall be made to the edge of the public road adjoining the property of the Customer so far as reasonably possible and it shall be at the discretion of the delivery driver to move the goods to an alternative point at the delivery property.

 It is your sole responsibility to provide suitable access for delivery, and notify Beaver in writing of any concerns, in writing, at the point of order. In such an eventuality you, as the Customer, will be liable for any failed or return delivery charges. Please ensure access is clear and advise us of any obstructions or limitations that may delay or even prevent us from gaining access. Cabins are generally delivered in kit form and depending on the cabin ordered, some lengths can be as long as 6mts. If the cabin is delivered only it will be delivered at the roadside at the front of the site. It will then be the Customer’s responsibility to provide sufficient manpower to unload.

A valid signature from you, as the Customer, or your nominated representative in writing is required upon delivery, at which point you bear all responsibility and risk.

 If you are not available to sign for the Product or Goods upon delivery, prior written acceptance of responsibility by you for the product or the goods allowing us to leave the goods unattended. If written acceptance of responsibility is not received prior to delivery in terms acceptable to us, you will be liable for all the failed and/or return delivery charges.

Products or goods delivered to you, or your site must be examined by you within a reasonable time after delivery and all damages or shortages must be reported as soon as possible by telephone to (003)53749368972, or (003)53667119936 and thereafter confirmed in writing. Beaver will not accept any telephone claims which are not immediately confirmed to us in writing.

No responsibility for transit damage to goods or product will be accepted by Beaver after 24 hours from time of delivery.

If damage has occurred to sectional or any product or goods during transit, each section will be classed as an individual item. We reserve the right to replace only the damaged sections and can decline any replacement when damage has been caused by you through misuse, neglect, self-assembly, or incorrect storage. Minor superficial damage caused during transit will not be accepted as grounds for rejection.

All our Flat Pack range is ex stock with estimated delivery time being between 3 and 14 days subject to the above.


Delivery costs


1)Order Up To €250 – €55.00
2) Orders Over €250 – €82.50
3) Orders Over €500 – €136.50
4) Orders Over €1000 – €192.50
5) Orders Over €2000 – €266.50
6) Orders Over €3000 – €379.50
7) Orders Over €4000 – €434.50
8) Orders Over €5000 – €654.50
9) Orders Over €6000 – €753.50
10) Orders Over €7551 – €874.50
11) Orders Over €10501 – €984.50
12) Orders Over €15000 – €1067.00


Returns Policy

If the goods have not been delivered, you can cancel the contract at any time from the day the contract is made until the expiry of 14 days following the day the order for goods was placed.

All returns by you, the Customer, to Beaver are at the sole discretion of Beaver and are always subject to a minimum 15% restocking charge. Beaver reserves the right to charge a higher charge in certain cases at its discretion.

Cancellations must be made in writing either by letter, fax or email and no cancellation is accepted by Beaver unless and until confirmed in writing by Beaver to you, the Customer.

An additional charge may be made if the order is cancelled within 14 days, but delivery has been scheduled by a third party.

The Customer shall never have a right or entitlement to cancel at any time if the order includes special order items, non-standard options, adaptations, or personalised preferences. Buildings ordered for delivery direct to the Customer from overseas (e.g., log cabins) are wholly non-returnable and cannot be cancelled once shipping has commenced.

Address for return goods. Beaver Log Cabins Ltd, Bunamayne, Bridgend, Co Donegal, Ireland


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