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Gold Standard (Bespoke) Log Cabin

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Log Cabin Pine

3.5m x 9.78m
Product Overview

Log Cabin Wall Thickness
Wall Thickness
Log Cabin Width
Cabin Width
Log Cabin Length
Cabin Length
Log Cabin Footprint
Log Cabin Height
Cabin Height
Log Cabin Glazing
Double Glazing

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Bespoke Log Cabin

This log cabin is a bespoke log cabin unique to us at Beaver Log Cabins NI and it is part of Gold Range. This is a great design and would make a great first house for a young couple who want to get on the property ladder. Nowadays, it is really difficult for young people to get on the property  ladder due to the ridiculous price of houses, however, timber houses are much cheaper than bricks and mortar and they are much quicker to assemble.

This log cabin could also be used as a summer house, guest house, granny house or even a timber office


Granny House

People want their elderly relatives to live with or near them, however they simple do not have the space. Therefore, a ‘Granny House’ could be the answer, as you can see from the photo above, the log cabin offers a lot of space. As you walk through the double door you are greeted with a space, we have arranged this space to look like a living room / kitchen.

In the middle of the log cabin there is a small room which could be used as bathroom and the room to the rear of the log cabin could be used as a double room. As you can see from the picture above there is more than enough room for a double bed and closet.

Garden Office

Alternatively, this log cabin could be used as a garden office, which the main room being used as the hub of the office, the small room as the bathroom room and the room to the rear of the log cabin used as a kitchen or meeting room.


Windows and Doors

Thus log cabin has 6 doors in total, 4 of which are internal and the other two are exit and entrance doors. The log cabin also has 4 windows, all of which are double glazed, as are the entrance and exit doors. Also note the size of the windows and the use of glass on the doors, this is to allow as much natural light into the log cabin.

The windows are tilt and turn which are easy to open and close and the closing systems of both the windows and the doors are to EU standard.


This is a bespoke log cabin, therefore, it can be customize, you may want to add an extra window, move a window or door etc. We will do our best to accommodate all requests, you can also work with our design team to create your own log cabin.



We at Beaver Log Cabins NI give you the choice of how you would like your log cabin to be insulated, we will of course advise and help you to make that choice.  This log cabin is uses a 70mm log, which is perfect for year round use, however, you may want to further insulate your log cabin, this can be achieve via Twin Skin. We use a 44mm external log, with a 100mm cavity and 80mm insulation and a 44mm external log.

We use Siberian Larch Timber on all of our products because of its strength, durability and heat retaining qualities.

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If you have any questions about this log cabin or any of our product please contact us via telephone or email.

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Other Details

Height Side Wall 2210 mm
Ridge Height 2625mm
Wall Log 70mm
Roof Boards 25mm
Floor Boards 28mm


Additional Information

SKU 0413
Wall Thickness 70mm
Cabin Width 3.5m
Cabin Length 9.78m
Cabin Height 2625mm
Glass Double Glazing


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