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Beaver for Bespoke Log Cabins!  - Gold Range

Log Cabins are becoming more and more popular each successive year.  This has been due to a number of different factors;-

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1) “State of the Art” Timber Manufacturing Processes

Beaver Log Cabins have for years been at the forefront of ensuring that only the very best and most financially stable log cabin manufacturers are selected to produce high-quality finished products. These manufacturers have invested millions of euros to remain competitive in an ever-increasing industry. Competitive, not just on price, but, even more importantly, quality and sustainability. Factories have been visited and checked on a regular basis. New innovative ideas in both design and technical advancement are made available immediately to ensure that Beaver Log Cabins remain as one of the leading suppliers of these quality log house properties, probably in the whole of Europe. Top-quality manufacturing tools make for precision made products and when you see the variety of images on this website you will be able to appreciate the clean lines and smooth finishes that bring log cabin houses and clockhouses into a class of their own.

2) Top-quality Timber

High-grade manufacturers generally do not wish to be associated with low-grade timber. Beaver Log Cabins apply strict quality control procedures to ensure that only the highest grade timber is used at all times. It is also important that the source of timber comes from sustainable forestry. The timber used to construct log cabin homes is pine that is extremely dense to provide greater longevity, less chance of twisting or warping. 

3) Better than Bricks & Mortar

a)  Lower Cost

Overall Labour costs are lower because the assembly is much quicker. Interlocked horizontal walled outer log cabin beams are put into place in the space of minutes. An equivalent row of bricks to be laid would take a much longer period of time to complete. Labour costs are therefore much lower and this reflects upon an enormous saving when investing in a wooden home.

b)  Less Waste

Log cabin parts are all pre-cut ready for assembly. Once on-site, the assembly of the interlocking system of the log cabin kit is much quicker than bricklaying. There is no messy cement or sand and no brick dust or broken bricks to worry about. All in all, a much cleaner and quicker way to realise your dream.

4) Design

You will be amazed at the superb design features that are so extremely unique and attractive. With modern technology, timber buildings have just become amongst the leaders of architectural design. Wood has incredible flexibility and, as such, can be shaped, cut, smoothed etc. to form some truly spectacular buildings that are also strong and reliable. Best quality pine flooring with a minimum thickness of 28mm is incorporated as part of the assembly as is the tongue and groove pine ceilings. New architecturally designed modern futuristic elements have been included within a traditional log cabin structure. This has resulted in an extremely inspiring and aesthetically pleasing range of timber cabins that will be the envy of many. Inside you have the choice of retaining the traditional log cabin house or log cabin holiday home charm or, if you prefer, settle for some rooms to be that way and others to have traditional plasterboard smooth wall finish. Another option is to consider a split finish of traditional internal log wall up to half the height of the wall with the top half plastered and a pinewood Dado rail to separate the two

These are all optional extras that our team will be able to discuss with you. Other options are also available to you to include top quality decking that can be installed by our experienced team. Also, roof styles are they pitched or Sloping Pent roofs, you can be assured of a design that will give you many years of pleasure. We are convinced that the latest designs shown on this website will put log cabins for sale into an entirely different top drawer category with very high perceived values at very affordable prices.


5) A Good Investment

So far, log houses have steadily increased in value year on year compared with the somewhat fluctuating ups and downs associated with bricks & mortar. Demand for log cabins, office log cabins, garage log cabins and salon log cabins have increased that has brought in more distributors and many of them act as agents for one larger concern.

Beaver Log Cabins is a standalone business with no agency arrangements with anyone. This provides our customers with much greater flexibility for the very best deal available in the market place. Whilst demand remains high so does the value increase. We recommend our customers to make their commitment very early as prices do increase and procrastination can cause having to pay more than is necessary. Whilst one invests to ensure good value for money with an increased value as time passes, one must also consider that such a value will only continue to increase if the quality of the property has also been maintained in good order. The quality of timber speaks for itself as many equivalent residential log cabins from the same source of timber have been standing for well over 100 years and still look as good as new with a little care and consideration for protection against the elements. Our team of experts can help and guide you as to the correct protective coating to use. Again these coatings are generally more expensive than the low-cost products where you need to recoat every year. Also the timber may not be fed in the right manner to ensure lack of splits or bends. A micro-porous protective coating is highly recommended as it allows the molecules of air to dissipate through to the timber allowing the wood to breathe whilst, at the same time, acts as an extremely efficient method of waterproofing against the elements. Generally, once coated with two coats, the property may not require a top-up until 3-4years later.

6) Easier to assemble

Pre-cut timber log cabins to the finest detail based upon high tech computer templates that represent the pre-curser to fully automated milling systems results in a much-improved assembly and installation process. The factories that have been selected by Beaver Log Cabins have In-house moisture controlled areas to keep the wood that is used at its very best at all times. Log cabin kits that are kept in stock in poor conditions can create warping and twisting and causes difficulty in assembly and installation. At Beaver Log cabins NI we provide our customers on a made to order basis.blokhut This way you can be assured that you will receive fresh stock at the correct moisture content. All of our timber is kiln dried which ensures that all the moisture content is below 14% when the log leaves the mill.

We recommend to customers who, once having received their cabins to commence building as soon as possible and protect soon after assembly for best results. Naturally, where we have our own team to come and assemble and install for you, this will be well-timed to coincide with the arranged log cabin delivery time so little time is wasted between the time of delivery and the time of assembly There is far less drilling involved than one would expect with a bricks and mortar property. The log cabin insulation process for all year round comfort is easily installed during the assembly process. There is no waiting for cement to dry and far less clearing up to do because there really is very little waste left. All this makes it easier and quicker than any like for like brick and mortar property.

7) Bespoke Production

Stability and sustainability are the two top requirements if you want a building of your dreams. Thinner walls can cause instability, particularly when considering larger properties. When Beaver Log Cabins NI get involved with bespoke production you can be assured that every single aspect of the manufacturing process is carefully quality controlled. Cad Designs are firstly created and customer approval is given before any milling takes place. Where, if on the rare occasion it is impractical to produce a particular design we discuss the various options available so that a solution is subsequently found to satisfy requirements. In all cases, our customers are fully informed about the progress of the order and the wealth of knowledge that we can offer is second to none where we can also come up with ideas for those who are a little unsure. Knowledge of the log house industry is of the utmost importance here and you will soon appreciate the level of care and patience and understanding that will come across if you contact us for any information or queries.

8) Availability

Our head office and show site is located in Bridgend, Co. Donegal and it is open 7 days a week, please call or send us an email to book an appointment or to ask for advice on log cabins. No matter where you are on this Emerald Isle you can be sure of a friendly helpful chat with professional guidance all the way from helping you to choose just the right home to suit your pocket to the intricacies of assembly and full installation services. Our highly trained team of experts live and breathe log cabins and will be able to answer any of your questions or queries.

9) Double Glazing

All or are double glazed as standard unless specifically requested otherwise. The highest grade double glazed log cabins are incorporated into the log cabins providing maximum efficiency for noise reduction and temperature retention. This is exemplified by using Argon filled Double glazed units as opposed to the earlier traditional vacuum type windows that some of our competitors are still using. Argon, being an inert gas, has the ability to really slow down the migration of any flow of cold or hot temperature changes. Coupled with high-efficiency insulation between the twinskin walled log cabin you can appreciate that if you have warmed up your home in the middle of an icy cold winter outside. The cold will stay outside and you remain comfortable and warm with lower energy bills. The windows and doors are finger jointed with proper hinges and 5 point locks, we do not work with standard log cabin windows and doors when dealing with Log Cabins.

10) Underfloor Heating Systems

Underfloor heating has been around for 1,000’s of years, our ancestor would use smoke from fires to heat stones which would emit heat around their dwellings. Underfloor heating has of course evolved but it is still an effective way to heat homes. We at Beaver Log Cabins have an underfloor heating service available to all our customers, we can install geo-thermal, air to water heat pumps, gas, electric or oil.

11) Turn-Key package

At Beaver Log Cabins NI we also offer plumbing and wiring services. Therefore, you can use our guys who are fully qualified and have been part of our team for yearswe never outsource work to other companies as this may affect the overall quality of the final product and quality control.

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